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Please note that any monetary exchange is for time and companionship only

All services are ymmv and must be agreed upon by the lady and client.  The agency makes no guarantees of service and is not responsible for any actions that take place between consenting adults behind close doors.

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All services are ymmv and must be agreed upon by the lady and client.  The agency makes no guarantees of service and is not responsible for any actions that take place between consenting adults behind close doors.


”I had the opportunity to spend some time with Raven today for a 1 hour incall. Showed up on the agreed upon time and she met me at the door. We explained pleasantries and got to the small talk to get to know each other. I was led upstairs and then I took a shower and met her in the bedroom. She was waiting for me with a really sexy set of lingerie. We started our time together with some DFK which was amazing and I could of spent the whole time doing that. I then proceeded to kiss her all over from her breasts down to her legs. I was able to have some DATY which was amazing. Then we moved onto Cowgirl for the 1st shot. After that we talked some more and she gave me a nice relaxing back rub in between rounds. Then it was onto a Doggeystyle finish for the 2nd shot. We chatted to finish the session and I took another shower and I was on my way. She was so great, and I would definitely recommend her!” -ScoutT81 (terb)

”PLXTO is a new start up agency that for my first experience with them was a pleasant and a nice surprise. The Booker was pleasant and very professional. Currently they have a small roster but should improve over time. They indicated that they are very selective as to the girls they bring onto their roster. From my introduction to Raven, I think they are on the right track. Their incall townhouse was absolutely top notch, the nicest one that I have been in during my hobbying encounters. This place looked like something out of a magazine. Had the pleasure of seeing Raven for an incall last week and had a great time with a mature, Italian beauty. If any of you have seen Caterina (formerly from SFT, now an independent), Raven could pass for her sister. Same body type, head to toe. Great enhanced boobs, small waist and a perfect backside. Personality wise, tops…easy to talk to, well educated and loves sex. The session started with some small talk and getting to know one another. Afterwards, took the usual shower and met her back in the bedroom. She loves to DFK, which is one of my major turn-ons and could have spent the entire time DFK’ing with her…passionate, intense and sloppy. After some time, move down her body and enjoyed sucking, licking and lightly biting her erect nipples. Then slowly moved down to her Y and enjoyed an insane DATY and Digit session, which had her cum twice in a very short time. She seemed to love this and did not want me to stop. Had both her hands on the back of my head holding me tight onto her now soaking wet pussy. Before I knew it, she had a doom on my member and road me cowgirl for the rest of our time together. Her boobs were bouncing uncontrollably while she was bouncing up and down on my member. What a sight. All in all a great session. Not as intense as those experienced with Caterina, still tops in my book, but was just as stimulating as anyone could want. Raven is a real gem and will generate a lot of interest.”-gamer25 (terb)

“I had never used the agency before but I will add that the booker was extremely helpful and friendly. I had made a booking for noon and before I knew it I heard a light knock on the door. Raven entered with a smile on her face, we briefly exchanged pleasantries and off to the washroom she went to get freshend up. As I sat there I will be honest she looked real tired, and she had no makeup on which I liked. She sat down on the couch beside me in her one piece black body suit just like her profile photo. I let her know that I had been busy for the last two days and warned her that my performance might be suboptimal and it wasn’t her if I couldn’t perform. She understood but said our interaction isn’t just about the act it was about much more than that – I was about to find out what she meant by that over the next hour. She leaned in for a kiss and so the session started with dfking and then removal of clothes. Her goes….. She wore no makeup and so looked a little tired but as you read through the review that changed. Dark wavy shoulder length hair. Clear skin. Straight teeth and nice smile. Body slim/average. Decent set of manmades. A tramp stamp which added a bit of edginess that I like. She is petite so picking her up is no problem. She could pass as caterina’s of sft now indy older sister as noted in another review. Be warned she does sport a bush to my surprise. For a lady who has had a couple of kids she is real tight – kinda surprising once again. Sensual gfe. However cbj for me which could be ymmv hence -2 forthose who require bbbj. No big deal but I was worried about staying erect – she had no problem helping out in that department. She slowly lowered herself ontop of me in cowgirl and after a while in that position I took us over to the bed in stand and carry and then proceeded to a lengthy finish in deckchair – I felt like the gang dude in that movie “Colours” as I gave raven a good pounding and was apologetic that it was taking so long to finish – but she said “don’t worry about it” like a true Italian. I finally completed the mission and we lay there spent our bodies entwined as I studied her face she had a radiant glow that made her look less tired and actually quite pretty, it was then I realized that I had literally fucked some color into her complexion. I now understand why ladies use blush to enhance their looks. Her body and face remained flushed for the remainder of our post coital convo. Attitude 10 – sometimes it is about getting what you need and not what you want.

Just like the Rolling Stones song, for me this is where the session really stood out. She has been through a lot and we shared some similar life experiences. She is a very strong lady – I found that very attractive. So for the sapiosexual people out there you can’t go wrong. She is friendly and mature.

As she left I couldn’t help but comment one more time that her complexion was still flushed from our session and that it looked good on her. She smiled and gave me a hug and was gone.
Recommend – yes if you like a friendly worldly milf. And especially if you are into the whole sapiosexual thing”-osprey97 (terb)


2 reviews for “Raven – GFE HH SPECIAL

Overall Rating: 0

    By: Jack | 11 months ago

    I contacted Kasey looking for an outcall, explaining the type of encounter I enjoy these days and she promptly replied with confirmation of my date with Raven. I had seen Kasey in the past as a provider so I was not surprised at the little details she took care of in advance of my date with Raven based on the information I provided. Thank you Kasey, your thoughtfulness was truly appreciated.

    When I first read Raven’s bio it was evident to me that she easily fit the criteria of the kind of woman I enjoy spending time with these days. The days of a quick, wham-bang session are behind me and I find stimulation of more than just the physical parts of the body are so much more fulfilling. Raven checks all these boxes. Meeting someone new for the first time can be both stressful and exciting and she is very engaging and easy to talk to, and given that we shared some similar interests and experiences, it made the introductory process so much more comfortable.

    After enjoying the gift Kasey sent along with Raven, we proceeded to more intimate matters. I won’t get into play-by-play details of what transpired as I believe each person’s experience is unique to the type of connection you establish with the lady. For me, its not about checking off a set menu of acts as it is more of going with the flow and vibe of the moment. That being said, I don’t think you anyone will be disappointed with her looks, body type or level of GFE service. I thoroughly enjoyed kissing her and exploring her body and her reactions let me know she enjoyed just as much as I did. My doctor has advised me to incorporate more cardio in my daily routine and let me just say he would have fully approved of the cardio workout this lovely woman provided.

    Thank you again Raven and Kasey for a most wonderful evening.

    Raven -True GFE Mature

    By: Coventry | 11 months ago

    I just came back from a session with the lovely Raven, and was very happy with the entire experience. I have been seeing ads from PLXTO on TERB but was skeptical as I was not sure what to expect. Communicated with Kasey about Raven in the morning and we setup the appointment. Easy to communicate with Kasey and not your typical “booking agent” from some other agencies. I got to the Mississauga address and was directed on how to proceed. No issues whatsoever getting in and finally met Raven. Raven is exactly how described with a killer body. She is an older lady but very classy, passionate and sensual. Some small talk, then jumped into the shower. When I came out I found her ready to greet me as I had asked Kasey, and we passionately kissed for a long time. This may be YMMV but I actually thought I had made a mistake booking only 30min as we could have foreplayed for longer than 30min. DATY on Raven was great and she enjoyed the experience. She loves to ride on top and has no problem with multiple positions.

    I realize that she is not for everyone, but will say that if you are a bit older and enjoy a classy, passionate woman, than this is definitely one I would recommend.

    I will definitely see her again.