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Please note that any monetary exchange is for time and companionship only

All services are ymmv and must be agreed upon by the lady and client.  The agency makes no guarantees of service and is not responsible for any actions that take place between consenting adults behind close doors.


admirations / reviews

“My 3rd review for @Plxto
Booking/apartment – 10/10
As soon as I entered the apartment, she was all over me. Dfk of the bat, a little grinding, and off to the shower.
She’s extremely good looking, has nice perky tits and a bouncy ass
I come back to her, laying in a sexy pose on the bed, back to dfk, her on top grinding, stay like that for a while, she moved onto bbbj and went wild with it, came on her tits and she seemed to like it more than me.
Rest time – she was half over me, playing with the recovering soldier, kissing me and still somehow making small talk which was always ending in complimenting me.
I dont normally partake in going down on some providers due to hygiene, but she was immaculate and soon gushing all over me. An amazing experience all together.
After the 2nd attempt, she wanted to keep going but I unfortunately could no longer
Looks – 9/10
Body – 9/10
Service – 10/10
Overall – 9.5/10″-HBK(terb)

“The title is Quinn and Plxto (instead of @ Plxto), because the agency definitely gets an honorable mention for setting a high bar.
To setup my first Plxto appointment I had to send a small deposit or pass a minimal screening. From the get go I was dealing with Kasey, who’s very pleasant and accommodating.
I saw Quinn at their Mississauga incall. I must say, it’s the best incall I’ve ever been to. Everything is setup with best service in mind. Place is cozy, relaxing atmosphere, romantic setting and very tasteful.
I was greeted by a very good looking, tall and sexy lady in a black silk robe. From the first moment I felt like a guest of honor and she was my hostess. She took me to our room, helped me undress and guided me to a very spacious shower. They even have a towel warmer to make sure you have a warm towel to wipe yourself down with. Nice touch.
The room itself had a king sized bed, fireplace screensaver on a big TV and nice calming music that was playing in the background, enough to be noticed, but not overly loud.
When I made my way into the bedroom, Quinn was waiting for me. From that point until I left, I had her undivided attention. She’s charming, attentive, sexy and aims to please. Throughout the whole session I felt like there’s nothing I can do wrong.
Quinn is very fit (gym shark perhaps), has amazing ass and long beautiful legs. If she was working out in a gym, wearing yoga pants, half the guys would be staring and creaming their pants. Her athleticism allowed for some interesting movements while we were doing it.
Her bbbj is on par, she’s very skilled. I feel like I have to say it again, this girl aims to please and it was evident. Fs was great and it was truly a Pse experience.
She’s down to earth and is good conversationalist. After my time was up, she was still as attentive. She kept me company while I dressed, then walked me to the door. Truly VIP experience.
Quinn and Plxto come highly recommended. Both get 👍👍👍 from me. „ -tomoreno (terb)


“I had the absolute pleasure of having a 2hr date with Quinn tnite. I’M SPEECHLESS!! Quinn is gorgeous!! She has a smile that will make you melt! Her eyes are intoxicating, and her laugh is infectious!! What a great time I had with her. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a few of Kasey’s girls, and each girl has been fantastic. But Quinn set the bar WAAAYY up there for me. We just hit it off. We laughed, teased, and just enjoyed each other’s company.
And then there was the “main event”. 😉
HOLY SHIT!! OMG!! She’s incredible!! I’ve not had that much fun in a long long time.
I’m not going into details, but this is one classy, sexy, amazing young lady!! In fact, I’m going back ASAP!
Kasey, you hit the jackpot with Quinn.
Thank you for an incredible night!
Kasey is simply the best hostess, a beautiful lady, and an all around fantastic human being! I could “hang out” with you anytime!
Thk u Thk u Thk u!”-via email from “The Big G”

3 reviews for “Quinn – GFE

Overall Rating: 0
    My experience with quinn was splendid

    By: s | 1 year ago

    As soon as i walked into the room, quinn left me stumped. shes just so pretty. shes easy going and a good conversationalist. wont go into the intimate details but she was well worth the 1 hr drive in the rain and i will definitely do it again just to spend some time with her.One of my best experiences with PLXTO and this raise the bar for them which was already high

    Full package experience

    By: Marco | 1 year ago

    Ms. Kasey never fails to deliver. Had the pleasure of meeting Quinn today and the experience turned out to be more than i had anticipated.
    She is as advertised. Friendly, polite and a great sense of humour. Right from the start she made the mood very comforting and relaxing. Very approachable personality and great at setting the mood. You can’t go wrong with Quinn or any other girl that Kasey presents. 10/10 experience, would repeat again.

    Gorgeous, Energetic and Ready to Please

    By: bluesparks (terb) | 1 year ago

    Had a 2 hours duo with Quinn and Kat. Quinn seriously carried the session with her energy. She is smoking hot as well. One of the top SP facially I have met.
    Very service oriented, asked me what I want/fantasize about. Pay attention to the little thing (e.g. put your coat away nicely, warm up the towel, send you out with a water bottle).
    Definitely wouldn’t mind repeating just Quinn alone.