Toronto Ontario (647) 524-4266
Melissa Carter
**nominated for provider of the year 2019**

Please confirm level of service when booking

Please note that any monetary exchange is for time and companionship only

All services are ymmv and must be agreed upon by the lady and client.  The agency makes no guarantees of service and is not responsible for any actions that take place between consenting adults behind close doors.

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“I met Melissa for the first time last night, and what a sweet treat she is. I’d been following her for a while and since she was visiting Durham for the first time, I booked 2 hours.

Melissa is a tall sexy Ebony Escort. Texting and setting up the appointment was easy, she asked if I had a preference on what she should wear, and I said garter and stockings. She looked just like the picture in her twitter profile, sexy as hell in black lingerie. @_Melissa_Carter

We started with lots of hugs and kisses. Exploring. Unwrapping the present revealed big soft titties that love to be sucked and a big bum that loves to be squeezed. I dove in and found out that yummy kitty loves to be sucked as well.

The BJ was covered and that was only a little disappointing as I loved giving oral on her pussy and ass. We tried many positions, she’s very adventurous and fun. I think she came more than I did, she loves being devoured.  Hopefully she be back to visit Durham again, normally she works Mississauga or airport area, but gets around. On this trip she just came from Burlington and Markham before Oshawa.
hope to see you again soon Sweet Melissa.” – CAERF

”Tell her in breathless tones: “You’re not going to believe this!! I went out to get us dinner when this super hot curvy goddess named Melissa Carter threw herself at me!! She stripped me totally naked, threw me into a shower then threw me on a bed and attacked me and we romped back and forth for an hour in every position imaginable!! OMFG the curves on her!! It was amazing!!! You would not believe this! I can’t believe it just happened!! Forgive me dear but I’m so blown away by this all my mind could process is Swiss Chalet. Sorry dear!!”  She’ll respond with a dismissive: “You? Yah, right. Quite an imagination buddy boy. Now give me the wings and shut up.” – TERB

“This is a belated review on my part but I was lucky enough to enjoy a carnal afternoon delight with Melissa Carter. I’ll keep it short and not get into the details but I have nothing but good things to say. After a bit of a late start due to Toronto traffic it was all good times from there. We kissed and had played around in multiple positions with her cumming more then once. She’s a joy to here moaning and cumming and I was glad to make her day as she made mine up to a busting finish. I can only add to the stellar review. We talked about perhaps doing a due sometime with Miss Rose. I might take that offer some time. Anyway, thanks again Miss Carter” – TERB

”I had the warm pleasure of meeting Melissa Carter recently, and am happy to share.
What the pictures cannot tell: For discretion, and because she has a day job, Melissa’s face is not shown in her photos, but if you could see her face, you would be immediately smitten, as I was. Melissa is a very attractive woman, and when she smiles her delightful smile, as she often does, her eyes twinkle with delight. This gent just had to smile along too. Ms. Carter’s beauty is not limited to the outer, no; Melissa exudes inner warmth and beauty in abundance. She delights in extended foreplay, and is entirely comfortable with a mature gent. Her skills are to be experienced.
Do have a look at her website. You will find there, for instance, a calendar indicating availability in 2 locations, from time to time, according to her busy work schedule. Melissa was generous in finding a time that was mutually suitable for her and this travelling gent. Her company is Highly Recommended.” – TERB

”I don’t think so. I can concur that rendezvous with Melissa creates those feeling expressed by OP.
I want to add that this girl radiates sexuality and she is very responsive during the session – it feels like real act of intimacy, nothing mechanical.” – TERB

”No the link was Melissa Carter, and this thread is about her. True, they do get confused but each lady is oh so special in her own unique way, despite a passing similarity in curvy body types and caramel complexions, and both being so damn pretty! Visit Melissa Carter solo, or with Ms Rose, or in trio if you dare! Bwahaha!*

* Humble bragging. I’ve had the sheer joy of visiting Melissa Carter solo a handful of times and twice in trios and even once in a quad. Each visit as good or better than the next. She’s wonderful company, even just sitting down in a bar having a drink fully clothed (did that too, more bragging lol). You’ll be happy you saw her.” – TERB

”Melissa Carter is a great provider. You can’t go wrong with seeing her for companionship. I’ve been seeing her for years and will continue to do so until she retires.” – TERB