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LFK/DFK, BBBJ/CBJ, DATY, MSOG (YMMV), MPOS, CIM (YMMV), interactive duos, Cuddling, DT (YMMV), COF, social date, event escort, dinner date.




Gentlemen – this was a long time coming – and the one thing I love to do – I totally forgot to do it because the beautiful, sexy @CatherineBanks had me mesmerized from the time she opened the door. Spoiler alert – I didn’t get to DATY because I forgot! Yup – I fuckin’ forgot because her oral skills were out of this fkn world! She is known for this and she even let me know and I still forgot to DATY. Gents what I write is based on my personal experience only and if you would like any additional information or whatever, just PM me and I will be happy to respond.

-Pre-booked weeks in advanced to a morning session today via website and communication is just like her twitter feed, fun, informative and full of laughter – this is her mates – laughter and fun – needless to say – the communication was a breeze and very responsive. The request was put in for her to wear what you see below, as this outfit is what I found crazy sexy – the colour – the lace on her – beautiful…I can’t believe I missed DATY on her (I will not mention this again – even though I did mention it to her as I was leaving, as that was what came to mind as I knew I was missing something)
-Location was provided this morning as she indicated it would be the day of through our communication
-Understand gents, I have been meaning to this sexy women for a long time – so happy that the schedule finally aligned and love the fact they release their availability well in advance
-Arrived early as I usually do and txted @CatherineBanks to let me know when she was ready and when the time came I headed to the room – totally excited
-Arrive at the floor and make my way to the room, a gentle knock on the door and that sound – that sound I love so much, as much as when we nut – the clicking of the door opening – only to be stopped by the stopper (this made me laugh and I knew right away this was gonna be fun) -because this is @CatherineBanks – fun) as she closed the door and tried again without the stopper this time – as I entered and turned around, there was this fkn sexy as hell of a women standing wearing a black lace robe? – to be honest I was kinda staring at her eyes – her eyes are like greyish – greenish in colour and all I can say is this – for me – it felt like this calmness – you know that feeling you get looking over the ocean – where you take a deep breath and realize that for a brief moment – a rush of peace covers you – that was me looking into this women’s eyes
-She then hit me with a smile that can only be described as one of the most genuine smiles I have ever received – so warm yet fun, kind yet sexy – all I know – between the eyes and smile I was lost – so beautiful you are @CatherineBanks – and that was just the physical
-As I write this – she became even more sexier as we got to know each other – incredible person – so wanting to take care of you – a true provider
-I don’t know if its @Allegra Escorts thing because I see a pattern with the women who come through there – @MissSageHunter , @Bellasquats , @ericahpl – you get my drift – so caring to make sure your experience is genuine
-I place the box of chocolates, a gift card from LCBO and of course the donation – she is not a wine drinker instead she loves Ontario Craft Beer – in particular HopCity Creamsicle Ale – I tried to get this on the way back home but my LCBO didn’t have it so I grabbed the the Flying Monkey Orange Creamsicle
-Ok – let’s get back – again – conversation is excellent and @CatherineBanks is so easy to talk to – I make my way to the shower and I love when SP’s decides to come in the bathroom and want to talk to you as you shower – great way to get to know each other a bit more – as I finish up and dry myself – I head to the bedroom – there she is in my requested outfit – WOW – on the bed and looking sexy – at this point I just wanted to attack those breast of her which were great fun btw – got to suck on them, play with them – suck so more and life is great at this point
-Kissing her was excellent as well, soft lips, great sensual tongue play – she then request to give me what I consider a BBBJ that was out of this world – as this is happening – I slide a few fingers in and she is wet and I am losing it – I am ready – you see – it didn’t take long at all – as my fingers were wet with the combination of her oral skills – I was ready – we did a little face fucking and the rubber comes on and she assume her favorite position – doggy style – I slide in and after a few pumps – I rip off the rubber and @CatherineBanks takes all of me and she make sure she gets it all
-I took a pause after writing that because I took a moment to relive that experience – and that is was she gives you – @CatherineBanks gives you an experience – obviously its about nuttin’ as well, but the experience where you have to catch your breath and take a moment to regroup – plus that ass is amazing – what a view – my god that view cost me a few more pumps
-We clean up and we continue to talk, laugh and just have a nice relaxed conversation because we all know the Temple only has one shot in him :D

We exchange a bit more pleasantries before I make my way out – a kiss goodbye and a hug and another kiss, and back to the real world until November 2022
I’m a simple guy gents, my menu was DFK, LFK, BBBJ, DIGITS, DOGGY, CIM, oh and NO DATY because I forgot 

Skin – Smooth
Pussy – Wet
Hotel – 10 (clean)
Personality – 10 +
Gift – $400 (60 min) – actual rate is $300 – but she is worth the extra.
Repeat – 100% YES” -SonicTemple


“I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine this past weekend. Scheduling and communication was easy, with prompt response. Confirmed the appt the day before, as requested, and she sent me the address and particulars on the day. Arrived at the location, Catherine greeted me at the door with a big smile; we exchanged pleasantries, a kiss, then I quickly jumped in the shower. When I got out, she announced she was already on the bed, ready for action! And was she ever! She’s attentive, enthusiastic, sultry, and very funny. We had great conversation during the interlude, and a wonderful time overall. Will definitely repeat!”-bdlaunchpad47

I have been slacking a bit on the posting front ,Just reading and gathering good information shared by my fellow compatriots.. now doing my small part to share a wonderful experience! A bit late to the party on this post but finally got to writing this!

I found Catherine initially on Twitter early April where I was following a few of her Allegra friends and I found her personality very down to earth and charming.. added bonus- blonde (have a thing for that 😉) . I contacted her via text directly after going through her simple to follow website instructions. My screening was a breeze as I already had a reference.

The day of the meet I looked through her website and found one of our common interests was coffee. Got that with me to help break the ice and once we started chatting, everything went so smooth it almost felt like I was with a long lost friend!! The appointment itself was on time and we met at her downtown incall.. easy to find and conveniently located near transit stops.

Once we got to know each other over coffee, went for a quick shower and then into the room. Catherine is a sensual being.. knows how to turn you on with lots of kisses, teasing and the best part when we were having our coffee- she asked me what I like and pretty much made sure she paid attention to all that.

Not going much into a play by play, but for those of you who like acronyms, her activities with me included LFK,DFK, BBBJ, BLS (YMMV) and FS.

I have since met her two more times including a duo with the well reviewed Sage Hunter. All I can say is each time the anticipation keeps building up! 
I posted the duo review a while back while I had the excitement flowing.. lol.. here is the link: the title says, I think I found someone who actually gives more than you invest and makes sure you exit a happier man than you came in!! 

Treat here well and you will be rewarded! She is definitely a keeper!”-Chiefsfan#1

Long time lurker first time poster. I have seen a few escorts in Peterborough / Durham and wasn’t really blown away nor so bad that it needed a post. I had enough of the fake pictures, sketchy hotels and just decided to go a bit farther and see if an agency could provide a better experience and let me tell you, Catherine was worth it.

This most recent visit was my 4th time, and has been stellar every time so I wanted to share this gem of a lady with the community.

To meet someone like Catherine in the industry is refreshing. Her twitter says “come for the tits, stay for the wit” I could not agree more with that. Seriously I felt at ease the second we met, her smile is infectious. Highly educated, extremely well spoken and easy to talk to. 

Long blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes, curvy, captivating smile, quite the ASSet, the whole package. A very sensual touch and smell too. 

I don’t really like to get into the nitty gritty of the sessions as everyone likes different things. I wanted to note for people that;
DATY – always clean, responsive, have never had a bad experience.
BJ – BBBJ YMMV – I swear she was sucking the soul out of me. Great techniques and hands on, tickled my balls during and that sent a shiver down my spine I have never experienced. I think I blew my biggest load of my life then. 
FS – I’m average at best, she is very tight. Definitely does kegels or something.
Kissing – actually the best kisser I have ever had by far. 
Tits – I love playing with them and she loves them being played with — win win.”-Ptboreviews

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    An Amazing time

    By: Ziyad | 6 months ago

    I had the unbelievable pleasure of meeting Catherine Banks and what a time I had. As soon as I opened the door, she greeted with a big hug and made me feel so welcome and appreciated. She delivered an amazing GFE and she made me feel such affection and intimacy. She is a total sweetheart and someone I would highly recommend to anyone. She made me so happy and she is such a wonderful lady. I am so happy to have met her and to be in her company. She is an amazing provider and I was on cloud nine when I left. Thank You So Very Much Catherine for such an amazing time and for making me feel so special!

    Well worth the wait

    By: Matt | 5 months ago

    Contacted Catherine three weeks ago and initially had issues aligning our schedules but finally got to meet today in Mississauga. All I can say is wow and that it was well worth the anxiety and built up frustration over the weeks until our meet lol. What you see and read about Catherine is 100% accurate and she is indeed a breath of fresh air and even sexier in person. Catherine’s services is that of the best SPs out there and will have your toes curling as soon as her mouth goes into action 🤩 Catherine is smart funny and intelligent and knows how to satisfy and follow through with excellent service. Catherine is very sensual and great kisser and her oral skills are out of this world. Catherine is patient and engaging during your time together and her body and skin is soft to the touch and kiss and she smells and taste nothing short of delicious 🤤 I’m not going into detail of services provided as you really need to experience it yourself. I’ve been looking for an sp to see on a regular basis and I’m very picky whom I spend my time with but I will most definitely be booking with her again very soon.
    In a nutshell if you’re looking for a sexy naughty and fun lady to relax with Catherine is quit simply the best I’ve ever found !