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Please note that any monetary exchange is for time and companionship only

All services are ymmv and must be agreed upon by the lady and client.  The agency makes no guarantees of service and is not responsible for any actions that take place between consenting adults behind close doors.



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“Amber is one of those unique ladies that combines beauty..sassiness…and is genuinely just a cool lady to hang with
She’s funny, has an infectious laugh and when those eyes look up at you..its hard not to think that the man upstairs must have paid extra close attention to her when HE delivered her to us.
I think I saw her post that she was moving back to T/O??
but she is out in ‘Sauga with PLXTO I believe.”

“I was fortunate enough to spend time with Amber aka Jessica Rabbit. Being my first time, she absolutely made me comfortable right off the bat. She is drop dead gorgeous and has a killer body. I’m a bit embarrassed to say, even though I booked an hour PSE, I left quite a bit on the table. What I did experience was pure pleasure. Will definitely book again and take advantage of my shortcomings the first time.“ -TERB MEMBER

”She is absolutely the most sexy, smart, fun, funny & drop dead gorgeous lady around.” -TERB MEMBER


”Amber is well known and deserves all the praise she receives.
Amber (aka Foxxxy Lady aka Jessica Rabbit) and the Plx Agency made my first experience booking with an agency absolutely wonderful.
$300/hour GFE, which I prefer.
$400/hour PSE is also available.
She works downtown with Garden of Eden but the trip is just too far and I can’t host outcalls.
Then I see her tagged in a tweet by Plx Agency.
Hosting incalls in Mississauga.
Nearly jumped out of my chair.
I’ve been hoping to meet her forever. I understand she took a break from working but has finally, triumphantly returned.
I’ve seen indie women for years but finally took the plunge and booked through an agency.
The booking was easy, straightforward, and professional.
A quick email asking about availability.
A quick confirmation email.
And then the agony of waiting.
The incall location is in a nice neighbourhood near Square One Mall in Mississauga. Parking’s free, though finding where to park took a minute to figure out where I was supposed to go. Google Maps pointed me to the right place and the right parking lot once I actually paid attention to it. If you arrive too early like I did, there are public places to hang out and use restrooms not too far away while waiting for the appointment.
Quick email saying I arrived, got the unit number, and sauntered over.
Knocked on the door. When she opened the door…
God. Freaking. Damn.
Amber’s photos are accurate. She oozes sensuality. We chatted, she offered me a drink, and after I took a quick shower we had our fun.
Now, I’m not a “menu” kind of guy. I read reviews to find out if photos are accurate vs fake, if the person is fun vs has a bad attitude, and if the incall location is pleasant or a hole. So when I say Amber’s photos are accurate, she’s all kinds of fun, and Plx’s incall location is welcoming, clean, discreet, and stocked with drinks and a clean shower with towels… I’m thinking I’ve found my new favourite place to play.
Menu? No, I’m not gonna list everything we did.
What I will say is that seeing her mouth work its magic – no hands – is one of the hottest things I’ve seen.
And she takes care of herself. Every inch of her is clean, smooth, and delicious.
Definite repeat. Both with Amber and this agency.
Gonna be remembering this for a while.
And if you’re reading this Amber, next time I’ll make sure to do that thing you asked  ” -TERB MEMBER


”I had a great time with Amber.  Location is great, very comfortable and private.  Amber is an absolute doll.  Can’t wait to see her again.” – Paul


“I had the opportunity to see Amber today for a 1 hour Incall. When I arrived she greeted me at the door with an amazing outfit, and some DFK. We then had some some talk and she led me upstairs. I took a shower and then met her in the bedroom.
Let’s just say I had an amazing time with her and it was non stop action. We even did a fun little role play scenario, which was so amazing. Afterwards I was spent.
I really enjoyed my time with her!“ -TERB MEMBER


“Had the chance to meet with Amber recently. She and the agency were accommodating to my schedule, and we met up for a HH. Service and looks-wise, Amber is fantastic. To anyone looking for that genuine rockstar MILF PSE experience, look no further. My only regret is not seeing her sooner (should’ve taken the plunge years earlier dammit!)
Face – 8/10
Service – 10/10
Personality – 8.5/10
Scheduling/coordination – 10/10
Location – 9/10” -TERB MEMBER


“Met Amber for the second time.
Last time two years ago maybe was with GOE.
I tried the new agency owned by Kasey. She is obviously perfect for the appointment, very professional as usual.
The location is great, beautiful townhouse close to square one and discreet.
Amber is so hot and a perfect attitude.
Everything on the menu was great, greek included!!! Thanks Amber!!” -TERB MEMBER


“Full disclosure: this is the first time I initiate a thread. I’ve commented on existing threads but only one of those is still around, so I contribute little. I use the reviews and most of those give me the info I need. If my experience mirrors that of the review I don’t add to it for the sake of redundancy. But now, redundancy be damned. Amber asked me to write a review featuring the fact she’s working with PLXto now. I can’t say no. There’s not much new that can be said about Amber. She is beautiful, sexy, a capable and skilled provider. I’ve seen her a great number of times over many years, and I keep coming back. Booking with PLXto was easy and pleasant. Had i nice chat with Kasey. The Mississauga location was a rather elegant townhouse with plenty of parking close by. I was met at the door by Amber who gave me a quick tour of a nicely appointed main floor and living room. We sat at the bar for a few minutes over a glass of wine, then up the stairs for a shower and on to the deed. I like a slow build that goes along with the gradual disrobing of stunning woman, but Amber knows that. I had a perfect time. Anyone who hasn’t seen Amber needs to do themselves a favour.” -TERB MEMBER


”I’m going to start off by saying sorry that this is a late review. I booked Amber back in October, it was just a couple of days before my birthday. Not my first encounter with amber as I’ve booked her many times over the years.
Nice condo get buzzed up. Quickly greets me with a hug and hello kiss. Then immediately starts grinding on my cock. She then guides me to the shower and says to hurry back because she can’t wait to put my cock between her tits. (Love your engery)
Get showered up and leave the bathroom to find Jessica waiting for me on the bed and some sexy white lingerie with heels on. We continue some dfk then amber gets me to lay down on the bed. Where she gave one of the most sloppy and wet blowjobs I have ever received. Deepthroating it spitting all over it while stroking me and rubbing my cock all over her face.
She then tells me to get up and sit on the edge of the bed where she continued to give me amazing head. Then she sticks my cock between her tits and begins tittyfucking me bouncing up and down going fast then slow. Periodically pulls my cock out from between her tits so she could slobber and deepthroat me some more. At this point I get up so I could tittyfuck her standing. She then goes back for more bbbj. Running her tongue from the tip of my cock all the way down the shaft. At which point i warn her that I’m going to cum very soon. Once I said that she began to speed up a d tongue flick the head some more. I once again tell her I’m about to blow my load. She pulls my cock out and strokes my load all over her face and tits. Wow what a ending! It felt like I was in a porno with that facial finish. She is a true pse.” -TERB MEMBER


“I have seen Amber a few times, ranging from incalls to outcalls, and they have all been amazing. She is not a clock watcher and really enjoys providing a sloppy bbbj.” -TERB MEMBER


“Looks like Amber is up to her old tricks , just being an incredible provider. This isn’t a shot at Amber but sometimes the positive to see a more mature provider is that they really know
How to treat a man and Amber certainly knows this. Beautiful red head with a great body and incredible skills” -TERB MEMBER


“I’m echoing what many others have said here and am thankful for all the info and reviews here.
Amber was terrific and exceeded my expectations in terms of attitude and service. I felt comfortable during the entire experience and she was charming and friendly company.
I’d absolutely recommend to anyone. All the usual PSE terms apply. Location was low-key, very clean and comfortable.” -TERB MEMBER


”Let me start by saying sorry to disappoint anyone expecting a well written and unbiased review coming out of a noob to hobbying.
I had decided to go with Amber for my intro to hobbying upon the suggestion of various members and herself, both of which I’m appreciative of. I exchanged a few emails back and forth with Amber, and felt way more comfortable about my decision.
So I had finally managed to find some free time away from my hectic work life to schedule with Amber, the Plxto booker was very nice and the process was very easy to go through. Until the next day when I found out my work refuses to give me booked days off so I had to reschedule via email 36 hours prior and got a response within the hour, super efficient this agency.
When the day finally came, I received a confirmation call, followed by detailed directions and instructions. Managed to get to the location, it was nice and discreet. And not gonna lie, I was fairly nervous and the cold made it worse. But as soon as I knocked and the door opened, I was warmed up pretty quick by the tall, gorgeous redhead greeting me at the door with a light kiss. Not to mention how her lingerie accentuates her figure along with the amazing heels I had requested but was assured she always wears heels by the booker. I’m sure no one wants to hear a noob go on and on about how amazing I thought she looked, so I’ll leave it at just that I found her incredibly attractive.
After exchanging pleasantries I went to shower and was raring to get to the fun. The shyness did get the better of me so I came out with the towel which I’m sure she noticed and eased me into the session very gently. She used the mirror extensively at the start of the service and really got me going. Laid down and enjoyed some very sensual russian followed by a few positions before close to the end of the session. I enjoyed conversing with her after and until I was out the door, she even helped me back into my coat.
My only regret in hindsight is that I booked the half hour because I honestly figured I wouldn’t last long with a professional sp, and don’t want to waste their time. But I will definitely be looking forward to booking her again in the near future for the full hour or longer because I definitely hope to enjoy more of her menu next time.
If there are any other things that I should or shouldn’t include in future reviews, please do let me know.” -TERB MEMBER







1 Review for “Amber – BOWMANVILLE ONLY

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    What a Porn Star!

    By: peter | 1 year ago

    Having seen Amber several years ago and being left with fantastic memories, I was so excited to see that she was again available through Pixto. I made the appointment and drove 2 hours in order to see her. I was not disappointment. We renewed our acquaintance and just like old times she worked her magic to give me pleasure and another memory. She is indeed a special lady and I look forward to seeing her again and again. Thank you Amber for making me a happy man!